Current Status in Jefferson County, Alabama

Recommended actions


These recommendations match the guidelines set by the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Harvard Global Health Institute, and the CDC. Based on Alabama's new cases per 100k in the last 7 days (349.6) and positive test rate (15.4%), people in Alabama are advised to adhere to the following recommendations. 


Exposure App   Notifications: Add your phone to Alabama's exposure notification system to receive alerts when you have been in close contact with someone who later tests positive for COVID. Your privacy is protected as your identity is not known and your location is not tracked.
Gatherings icon    Gatherings should be avoided with people outside the immediate household.

Bars icon    Bars should be avoided and required to close.

Restaurants icon    ​​Restaurants should max at 25% capacity. Local governments must assist in expanding outdoor dining opportunities. Customers should use take-out or eat outdoors socially distanced.
Airplane icon    Travel should be avoided unless necessary.
Mask icon    Masks should be mandated and worn by everyone outside their home.
Gyms icon    Gyms should be avoided and required to close.
Schools icon    Schools: Enable remote learning for all students. All government levels should invest in remote learning.
SVLC is Connecting Online
As an Expression of Love for the Other

With the current state of the pandemic (surging infections, new strains of the virus and the slow roll out of the vaccine) it is not only prudent, but the loving thing to do for congregations to refrain from meeting in person. SVLC is a community of faith striving to grow in the Spirit and serve the world around us. Given the current state of the pandemic and out of a desire to love and protect the vulnerable populations in our community, SVLC will continue to practice physical distancing, taking a hiatus from in-person worship while connecting online (Zoom & YouTube) for worship services, bible studies, and community connections. By doing so SVLC joins the vast majority of churches around the country — as well as synagogues, mosques and temples — who have followed public health guidelines and limited in-person worship or ended it all together. 

SVLC will continue to find additional ways of being socially connected to one another via online gatherings. Sign up for our Newsletter, go to our calendar page, and check us out on social media for upcoming opportunities to gather with us online.

If you are visiting with us here for the first time we hope you'll join us in one of our online activities soon. Should you have any questions about who we are as a community of faith, please feel free to contact us. If you're a regular and have given online worship a try in the past, but didn't find it appealing, we understand. And, we invite you to give it another try -- both for your sake and for the sake of the community. 

Below, please find links to a variety of COVID-19 resources which we hope will inform you and keep you healthy.