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After much discussion and thoughtful prayers, we will soon embark on a new ministry, that of preparing and freezing ready to cook/heat casserole meals for anyone in need. “Need” is defined very broadly—it may be financial, it may be from health issues, it may be the birth of a new baby, or it may be that meal preparation is a challenge. A need may arise from a natural disaster such as the tornadoes that have affected so many. A need may also be that a family just “needs a break” and having one dish “ready made” will provide respite to busy families. 

The process is simple. Volunteers, under the guidance of Stuart Hall, will meet once a month to prepare the casseroles which will be placed in a designated freezer. When a member knows of a need, go to the freezer and take a dish (please fill out our sign-out list just to help with inventory purposes). Casseroles are for members and non-members—anyone in our community who has a need. 

We will start small but hope to expand our outreach. If anyone would be interested in joining us in this ministry, please contact Sarah Beth Hall in the church office (205-871-3512 or or let me know (Joan Carlisle  205 965-3504 or

Look for more information to come!!