At SVLC, our form of worship is known as "liturgical," meaning literally "a work of the people." Thus, in worship, you will witness the assembly standing, sitting, kneeling, and responding (through words, songs, and silence.) In other words, for Lutheran Christians, worship is not passive, it is not to be consumed as entertainment or as a weekly “pick-me-up.” No, worshipis very much an active experience - "a work" or service of the people for God. 

The basic pattern of our liturgy—gathering, word, meal, and sending—has been followed from the beginning of the Church’s life down through the years until today. Think of this 4-part structure as an outline which allows freedom, creativity, and flexibility while at the same time insuring that we remain focused on what is most important and what the Church (universal) holds in common.

Come join us. It is easy to follow along in the Sunday worship bulletin.


A work of the people

The Word
The Meal